Brief Introduction To Web Design

Web design became an inevitable part of the contemporary business companies due to its endless possibilities which are the reflection of the company and its business. The interaction between users or potential customers and the company has become important more than ever – the company needs to know what the customers want and what they don’t want. The web platform is the best tool for improving the existing business and extending it to its limits.


Best  6 Programming languages that we use



CSS is not a programming language but rather a style sheet language used for the presentation of a document. A huge number of people reported that this language is very simple and enables easy separation of content from presentation so no wonder it is in high demand.


MySQL is an open source relational database management system developed by the Oracle Corporation. As you can see, it is mainly used for creating and managing databases, as well as for creating queries.


XHTML is very similar to HTML language and XHTML which extended the previous HTML language to operate with other types of data formats. Since the 2000s XHTML became very popular and a lot of programmers have been using it since.


PHP is all around programming language as they say, but its primary focus is on web development. Until 2014, this language did not have any formal specification. It has been used for server scripting purposes in many companies.


XSL is short for Extensible Stylesheet Language. This language can transform and show XML documents. It received the recommendation title at the W3C recommendation on 15th October 2001. It is still used for converting XML documents.


HTML is the cornerstone for the whole Internet and all web pages. Web browsers (Google Chrome, Opera and many other) receive HTML documents which are stored on a server, and then the browser renders these documents into web pages.

What is SEO and why do we need it ?


Search Engine Optimization became a very important asset in the web world at the beginning of the 1990s when webmasters began experimenting with optimizing web pages so they could be found much more easily. From simple “spiders” that crawled the and indexed pages, to a sophisticated courses where you can learn about the SEO secrets -SEO became crucial fact in the process of setting your business. Since we live in the era of Internet, as soon as you start your business, you must enable your potential customers to find you easily. SEO is what gives your customers an easy way to find you and get your service.

Web development

Web development encompasses many things – from creating a plain text to the complicated applications, e-business sites, and social network services. Although web development requires from the programmer to know some programming language, due to increased use of web services and applications web development became available to non-technical people to make small changes on their website, without the need to pay some web developer to make changes. According to the type of work they do, web developers are often divided into three groups: front-end-developers, back-end-developers, and full-stack-developers.